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Hill Mead News Welcome Back
21 September 2018

The transition into the new school year has been extremely successful…


We are able consistently to attract the very best teachers to come and work here, and this year has been no exception.

Furthermore, our new teachers have been exceptionally well prepared and supported within our unique staffing structure of an extra, experienced and senior Hill Mead teacher in every year group.

This year we appointed four new Senior Teachers from amongst the existing staff. All four are already providing highly effective leadership for their year groups.

As a consequence of all of the above, pupils have been able to get straight down to work, and in the best possible conditions for learning.

Keep checking back as we continue to update the site.

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Lambeth Inspection 
21 September 2018

“Outcomes are exceptionally positive across the school”


Hill Mead's latest inspection report from Lambeth confirms that our Outstanding Ofsted judgement is still well deserved. Our local inspector, who spent two days in the school last April, is also a very experienced Lead Inspector for Ofsted.

One of Ofsted's current concerns is that in many schools the curriculum has narrowed in favour of test preparation.  However, our report states that at Hill Mead 'teachers bring the curriculum alive' with 'many innovative opportunities for pupils to explore their learning in a very real and purposeful sense'.  

The inspector concluded that pupils' work showed 'very positive attainment in relation to the national average, and also evidenced progress to be typically excellent'.

Lambeth Inspection report


Hill Mead News Hill Mead wins National Award
21 September 2018

UK Literacy Association’s Brenda Eastwood Award for Inclusion and Diversity…


The UKLA’s newest award, The Brenda Eastwood award, was created with the intention to recognise schools that have empowered their children to appreciate and respect diversity in all its aspects. 

Hill Mead was nominated by Christine Lockwood, Ass. Hon. Secretary of UKLA, who visited the school when we were shortlisted in 2017 for School of the Year.

This is part of her nomination:

The school takes full advantage of their London setting to broaden the curriculum: with visits to museums, art galleries, and specific venues such as China Town - where the youngest children ate lunch to provide a real focus for their writing.

This determination to take advantage of all that the capital city has to offer has resulted in some extraordinary partnerships with local and national arts organisations e.g. the National Theatre, Pegasus Opera, the National Portrait Gallery and Tate Modern. 

The focus on creativity and performance has produced children who are confident, engaged and proud of their own heritage and that of their community.

The Green Ship
21 September 2018

Year 2 wrote and produced their own play, based on the book The Green Ship written by Quentin Blake…


By Layla, Romario and Alejandro

The Green Ship is a story about Alice and a boy going on an adventure in the garden next door, on a hot summer’s day. 

They found a jungle and a green ship. It was made out of wood, ivy, straw and different kinds of leaves and colours. They met Mrs Tredegar and Bosun. He is an old man and a gardener. On the Green Ship they had fun and celebrated. They ate Madeira cakes and cucumber sandwiches, and drank tea. 

We read the book and wrote the play script of The Green Ship and then practised it for 500 weeks. No - for 10 days. No - eight days. We made the costumes for jungle dancers who had face paint and did umbrella dances. We made the things for the play. We cut out bed sheets and painted them green and made patterns. We made crowns and leaves. 

Layla: I was a jungle dancer and I wore a green skirt and top, and had face paint and a hat made of leaves. 

Romario: I was the boy and I liked it when Alice said: “I’m so bored. I want to do something fun and exciting.” And I said: “OK. What do you want to do?” I loved singing: ‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone’.

Alejandro: I was a jungle dancer and I loved looking around when I danced. 
Our play was wonderful. 

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Hill Mead News Emil and the Detectives
21 September 2018

Year 6 worked with the National Theatre’s ‘Let’s Play’ project…


By Alae and Angel

When we had read the script of Emil and the Detectives we were instantly attached to it. The story is about an 11-year-old boy who travelled to Berlin with an enormous amount of money to give to his grandma. While on a train on his way to Berlin the money is stolen and a group of child detectives are relied on to find it. 

In rehearsals we had to learn how to improvise and to help other actors if they had forgotten their lines. Another skill we learned was to maintain focus and energy. It was also important to work as a team to make the play stand out. It was crucial that we knew when to say our lines.                                                                                                      
Miss Kloss (played by Alae) is a café owner in Berlin who takes her business very seriously. Miss Kloss shooed Emile away and said: “All café facilities are for customers only... Shoo!” The café was Mr Snow’s (the villainous bank robber) favourite place to get his dumplings. 

Emil (played by Angel) is the main character. He is polite (unless he is drawing on a statue) and likes an adventure. He is not scared to go to Berlin which is a big, busy city. 

My favourite part was confronting Mr Snow and saying: “Rebellious Children? You’re the one that stole the money.”  

Hill Mead News

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Hill Mead News Southbank Show comes to Hill Mead
21 September 2018

“It has been my dream to be on TV and now that dream has been accomplished”...


By Lashay, Jada and Rachel

In the beginning when we found out we were doing a play called Hercules and Phoebe we were all ecstatic. When we were practicing for the play we learnt drama warm up games to help us with our acting. Then we heard that the Southbank Show on Sky Arts wanted to film us. 

We all enjoyed them coming into our school and we had so much fun when we played the game. Our methods were so good that the director decided to film the games and our rehearsals. 

Lashay shared: “What I liked the most about that day was when the director was getting ready to film and I panicked thinking that I was going to forget my lines. After the first five minutes of filming I got more confident and then it was all fine for me.”

Rachel, who played Hercules, said: “I really liked being interviewed because I could show my feelings and explain why I want to do drama.” Mrs Lawrence said to Jada: “Well done - your first TV acting role. I think there will be many more to come!”

Hill Mead News Sporting Achievement
21 September 2018

A league win and two second places!…


Hill Mead girls were champions of the Lambeth football league once again. Amy was player of the season. 

The mixed team also came top of their league of nearly twenty Lambeth schools. However, they were beaten into second place on goal difference - by one goal!  Players of the season were Treyvon who scored 38 goals; Nathan, who saved countless more, and Ishmael. 

Hill Mead were also runners up in their division of the South London Saturday league. They have now been promoted to the top division. The Player of the season was David. 

Thank you Mr Elusade for eleven wonderful years. Good luck in Kent. 


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