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Hill Mead News Year 2 write and perform their own play
20 July 2017

Since January, Year 2 have been creating their performance of The Velveteen Rabbit…


The children were inspired by their trip to the Unicorn Theatre to see the show as well as reading the original book, by Margery Williams.

Every child in Year 2 began to write their own scripts. To help with the writing, the class worked on role play and drama. After every child had written the six scenes, working together they took the best lines, creating the final script.

The children practised singing with Mr Jordan to prepare for the show, as well as helping to design their set and making props, including pirate hooks, keys, toys and an ambulance. Ms Reid made wonderful costumes for the children.

The children performed to the whole school as well as to their families and friends.

For photos and videos of the performance and preparation,
go to:

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Hill Mead News @Year2HillMead >


Reception Grow Their Own 
20 July 2017

Hill Mead was awarded a garden grant from the Whole Kids Foundation…


This has enabled us to begin setting up some exciting new garden areas in school, one in Nursery and another in the playground for the whole school to access.

We have been growing many different types of fruits and vegetables, Including; potatoes, radishes, spring onions and strawberries. Gardening club students have helped throughout the process and have absolutely loved finding out more about where their food has come from! As well as tasting foods they didn't think they liked, until they grew and tasted them themselves!

In Reception we have been visiting Moorland Garden Allotments every Friday. This has undoubtedly been one of the children's favourite things to do each week. Loughborough Farmers have kindly donated many plants to us.

We have taken part in many Natural Thinkers activities including; finding natural and man-made materials within the garden, sorting them and going on a bug hunt. The allotment has a nature area which we have used to release Butterflies, after watching their transformation from caterpillars to butterflies in class.

We have enjoyed caring for our plot by weeding, watering and pruning all our produce. We can't wait to get our green fingers back to work in September.

See more at:

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Hill Mead News Parents Create National Theatre Set
20 July 2017

Year 1 pupils & parents explored the story of The Sea Serpent’s Daughter…


The parents and children worked together in workshops held at the school with members of The National Theatre, to immerse themselves in the story and create beautiful backdrops for the performance.

There was a phenomenal turnout of parents at the workshops; with all 28 of them getting stuck in to the performance preparations. They made dolls as props, and stencils to paint on the backdrops, which represented creatures in the story.

On the day of the show, the huge backdrops were proudly hanging on the stage at The National Theatre for all to see.

Teacher Kelly Davis said that the workshops and performance had a big impact on the children’s language retention, particularly those with English as an additional language.

“They were talking more about the story at home, because their parents were so involved. The best bit was seeing how much the children enjoyed the story and how involved they became.”

Read more in the July issue of the Hill Mead Herald >

Ms Lawrence Speaks at Walcot Foundation Anniversary
20 July 2017

In June, the Walcot Foundation celebrated 350 years of their work…


Hill Mead were honoured that Deputy Head, Ms Lawrence was asked to speak at this prestigious event, at the local landmark and newly refurbished Garden Museum.

The Walcot Foundation recently gave Hill Mead a significant grant to further progress our theatre enrichment programme and offer outreach workshops to parents. Most recently, the National Theatre held parent workshops in preparation for the Year 1 performance, The Sea Serpent’s Daughter (See previous article).

The Walcot Foundation is the most significant local charity and out of recognition of our partnership, Ms Lawrence gave a speech about all that we have been able to provide children and parents, since receiving the grant.

This year, with funding from the Foundation, we have been able to extend our theatre programme, participating in all of the National Theatre’s education projects and piloting a creative writing project with the Unicorn Theatre.

Read more in the July issue of the Hill Mead Herald >

Hill Mead News Hill Mead Presents at Digital Learning Conference
20 July 2017

Two of our teachers spoke at the Royal Opera House Bridge conference…


Mr Highman and Ms Binnie, spoke at the conference at Chatham Historic Dockyard. The focus was on how digital applications can transform the way in which we deliver, create and share cultural education.

Mr Highman and Ms Binnie offered examples of how our school's approach to using blogs, Twitter, QR codes, simple animation and audio recordings, has deepened cultural learning and given a voice to the children and their community.

They also led two workshops in the afternoon. The first offered the chance to learn more about the whole school blogging at Hill Mead and how we use blogging as a tool to enrich all areas of the curriculum, including the arts.

The second workshop focused on the use of Twitter in schools. It took a deeper look at Hill Mead’s Twitter use and enabled delegates to have a Twitter chat with a group of pupils in Year 2.

For more, go to:

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Hill Mead News Hill Mead Pupils Take up Summer Reading Challenge
20 July 2017

Children will be able to win a prize for every book they read over the holiday…


Every year, thousands of families all over the country take part in the UK’s biggest reading event for children, the Summer Reading Challenge, run by the charity The Reading Agency.

The challenge aims to get children reading 6 books of their choice from their local library throughout the summer. This year the theme is Animal Agents, illustrated by the UK’s best-selling children’s illustrator Tony Ross.

Every class at Hill Mead has enjoyed visits to the library, choosing their first couple of books to take out ready to read the summer away! Many children have already immersed themselves into several top summer reads and can’t wait to bury themselves into more books over the holiday.

Hill Mead News

If you would like to find out more about The Summer Reading Challenge, follow this link: summerreadingchallenge.org.uk >

Hill Mead News More Sporting Success
20 July 2017

There has been a lot of success from our sports teams this term…


The girls’ football team came 3rd in the league out of 13 Lambeth teams, and 2nd out of 20 teams at a tournament at Ferndale Sports Centre.

The mixed football team made it to the final of the Sports Fusion competition. We are proud of their performance and teamwork this term. They had a few new players, including Davi who played extremely well. The final draw was very evenly matched.

The Sports Days were also a great success. A fantastic turnout of parents meant there was a great atmosphere and support for the athletes. The parents' races were very competitive, with a record number of parents
joining in.

Thanks to our Sports Coaches for all their hard work this year.


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