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Hill Mead News Lenny backs Hill Mead theatre projects
3 April 2018

This term we had a visit from one of Britain’s best loved comedians…


Lenny Henry came to Hill Mead in his role as a Trustee of the National Theatre.

We have been privileged to be chosen as a pilot school, and press launch venue for a new National Theatre drama initiative called “Let’s Play!”

Lenny spoke to press, parents and pupils about his own memories of drama lessons at school, and his excitement at this new project. He expressed his fears that many schools are feeling forced to make a choice between arts subjects and academic league tables.

He praised Hill Mead’s commitment to building theatre and the arts into the core of our curriculum, recognising that drama has many applications in and outside of the classroom. “If you are not teaching children how to be creative and curious... you are not preparing them for the outside world,” he said.

After his speech, Lenny and the assembled press got to watch Year 6 perform a scene from their Let’s Play production, a Quest for Arthur. Afterwards, he led the children in a series of exercises used by professional actors, to help project their voices and help them engage with their audience.

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Sharing learning at our Science Fair  
3 April 2018

“Our theme for science week this year has been famous scientists”...


Being exposed to a range of inspiring scientist encourages children to pursue science related subjects later in life. It can also address misconceptions about who scientist actually are.

Each year group was assigned a well-known scientist. The children had to research them and conduct at least one experiment related to their discoveries. To share the children’s work, we are holding a science fair and demonstrations. Each year group, across the school visited the fair and had the opportunity to be taught by their peers.

The scientist we looked at were;
Early Years: Katherine Jonson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson
Year 1: Isaac Newton
Year 2: Ada Lovelace
Year 3: Rosalind Franklin
Year 4: Ernest Rutherford
Year 5: Nicolaus Copernicus
Year 6: Benjamin Franklin

Do you know what these scientist are famous for?

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Hill Mead News Hill Mead Footballers on Winning Streak
3 April 2018

Hill Mead is once again going from strength to strength in football…


Our Girls Yr 5 & 6 team were victorious last Friday in the Enthuse Kids mini-league, remaining undefeated over 8 games. They finished a whopping 6 points ahead of nearest rivals St Stephens Primary.

Last Friday our Yr 5 & 6 mixed team also came top in their tournament, beating St Bernadette’s to snatch the coveted SportsFusion cup. Nathan from Year 6 described how he felt: “When St Bernadettes scored against us in the first half, we were worried, but Mr Elusade gave us a pep talk at half time, which inspired us to come back and win 3-2”

Our mixed team finished the season second in their league, after a strong season that saw them stay consistently in the top 3 teams.

Year 1 feature on Brixton Blog
3 April 2018

Year 1’s topic this term was The Little Red Hen…


The children learned the process of making bread, from growing wheat right through to baking.

They took a trip to Ruskin Park in Herne Hill to see giant “shire” horses plough part of the park, so that wheat could be grown there. Local news including Brixton Blog were there to document the day.

Great from Year 1 really enjoyed the day. “I liked it because the farmers were talking to the shire horses and the horse listened to them and did what they were told” she said.

Mason said “I was on the news planting the wheat! My dad said: “‘Wow! That’s you.”

Also, Year 1 wrote a diary entry about what they thought life was in a farm in the past, and visited the Brixton Windmill where they could grind their own flour!

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Hill Mead News Hill Mead presents at national conference
3 April 2018

On Friday 2nd February 2018, Miss Read spoke at the Nursery World Show…


In collaboration with Sue McGonigle from LoveMybooks, Miss Read led a packed seminar called Picturebooks: choosing, sharing and extending the learning.

During the seminar, they shared some of their favourite books and talked about how teachers go about choosing books to capture children’s imagination and interest.

Miss Read explained how books are at the heart of learning throughout our school and are used as a hook for immersive learning in Early Years, with a big focus on developing children’s language.

She explained that the Early Years team use the Lovemybooks website to find books which will build on and extend children’s interests, a couple of examples being 'Naughty Bus' and 'Diggersaurs.'

Parents from all year groups get to share their children’s reading journey by coming to our reading cafes. Here they can learn about ways to encourage reading at home, and get great suggestions for new books to enjoy.

Hill Mead News

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Hill Mead News Thank you and good luck, Mrs Mackie and Ms Reid
3 April 2018

This term we are saying goodbye to two of our longest serving teachers...


Ms Fiona Reid is retiring. After many years as our Senior Teacher in Nursery, Ms Reid took on the role of our school Art Teacher. Ms Reid has been responsible for much of the exceptional artwork around our school, not least from her much loved Art Club.

Lico from the Art Club said: “I’m thankful to have had Ms Reid as my teacher. She taught me everything I know about art.” Reezah from Year 6 agreed. “Ms Reid taught me to believe in myself” she said.

Mrs Letitia Mackie has secured a Deputy Headship. Mrs Mackie too has taught many Hill Mead children over the years, as a Senior Year 6 teacher and more recently as an Assistant Head. Amongst her many achievements, Mrs Mackie has led Hill Mead’s outstanding reputation for digital learning and social media.

Ellie from Year 5 remembered her excitement when helping Mrs Mackie to showcase our Digital Leadership programme to visiting teachers from Holland. “I’ll miss her meeting new people with us” she said.

Miss Smith in Year 5 said "Letitia has been such a supportive figure throughout my first year at Hill Mead. Myself and the Year 5 team will be very sad to see her leave”.

We wish both Ms Reid and Mrs Mackie the best of luck, and we hope they will come back and visit us!

Hill Mead News Lambeth Inspector Blown Away by Hill Mead Teaching
3 April 2018

Last week over a 2 day visit, the Lambeth inspector found Hill Mead to be more outstanding than ever…


Across the two days, the inspector experienced the teaching and learning in every class. He looked at children's books and was impressed with the range of learning opportunities, the children's engagement, and the standards of their work. He commented that he felt the “learning was alive” around the school.

The inspector had the opportunity to sit down with pupils from years 2, 4, 5 & 6 to talk about their work and their learning. He was struck by their depth of knowledge and their positive attitudes towards school. When speaking to David from Year 6, the inspector asked him what he enjoys most about his school.

David replied "Only one thing, that's hard!…the teachers!"


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