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Welcome to Hill Mead Primary School.

I have been the Head teacher here since 2002.

In a recent inspection, Lambeth said 'teachers bring the curriculum to life' at our school. This is partly because we base as much learning as possible around trips and visits away from the classroom - roughly one a fortnight!

Our special focus is on trips to the theatre, and on workshops and performing, through our partnerships with the National and Unicorn Theatres. This is a curriculum focus for every year group from Nursery to Year 6. You can see some recent examples in our photo gallery.

Our teachers put their greatest efforts into their planning and delivery of the curriculum; and this is further strengthened by the governors funding an additional teacher in every year group.

Furthermore, we regularly attract the very best teachers to come and work at Hill Mead.

Recently, the UK Literacy Association presented us with a national award for Diversity and Inclusion. They judged that our unique curriculum ‘has produced children who are confident, engaged and proud of their own heritage and that of their community.’

These outstanding learning opportunities are freely available to any child who wants a place in our school - regardless of background, academic potential or individual need.

I look forward to meeting you - I promise we will exceed your expectations.

Richard West

Lambeth Inspection Report 2018

What makes Hill Mead different?

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