Hill Mead News Hill Mead lights up Brixton
11 February 2019

Our artwork was proudly displayed in neon at the prestigious Department Store in December and January.


Hill Mead pupils designed the eight Winter Windows in collaboratiobn with model-makers and architects at Squire & Partners, who are headquartered at the building in Ferndale Road.

A group of our most talented artists used pipe cleaners and rope to make prototype winter designs for a 'line of light'. A panel of judges from Squire & Partners selected the best eight.

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Connected Learning Centre wins prestigious award 
11 February 2019

Our technology partners came top at the British Educational Technology and Training show in the Services & Support category. 


Their winning presentation featured an interview with our Deputy Head, Ms. Lawrence. She spoke about helping pupils to take a critical approach towards information in the digitial world. The CLC have provided training for our staff and pupils to understand & judge the reliability of information online. 

Pupils have also enjoyed sessions at the Centre in Clapham on coding, programming & robotics. Below, you can read pupils' individual accounts of recent visits.

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Hill Mead News The football team top both of their leagues
11 February 2019

Hill Mead is unbeaten in the Lambeth 6-a-side football league currently joint first with Stockwell.


By Mamadou, Year 5 & David, Year 6

Out of 20 teams, Hill Mead have been racing for the title. So far, our highest scores have been 8 - 0 against two teams. Although Hill Mead have kept level in first place, Stockwell have scored 11 more goals.

In the Southwark and Lambeth 9-a-side football league, Hill Mead have maintained our lead by a point. There are 40 different teams split into 4 divisions. We are in Division B. Hill Mead footballers wake up early on a Saturday morning to represent the school. Teachers and parents also come to support the team.

Our Lambeth league coaches, Mr Edi and Mr Amadou have been a key part of our unbeatable streak. They have played us to our talents, and have showed us different techniques. Mr Edi has taught the team discipline, and signs to use in a match. Mr Amadou has helped train our goalkeeper, since he is a goalkeeper as well. Our Southwark and Lambeth league coach, Mr Victor, also works for Chelsea Academy. 

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China comes to Hill Mead
11 February 2019

Year 1 had an immersive off-curriculum day to celebrate Chinese New Year as part of their China topic.


The music room was also transformed into 'Chinatown', filled with market stalls, and a mini restaurant for tasting Chinese food. It was a brilliant day. 

This term we have learnt all about China, located it on a map and identified its geographical features. We looked in detail at different habitats and the animals we might find living in them, before creating 3D animal habitat models. We are also reading 'Lao Lao of Dragon Mountain' and learning about the traditional Chinese art of paper cutting. 

So far, we've visited the House of Illustration for an art workshop, and the Horniman Museum to learn more about how Chinese New Year is celebrated across the world. Next up, is a visit from the author of 'Lao Lao', and our parent workshop. 

Hill Mead News Celebrating the Windrush legacy
11 February 2019

During the autumn, the whole school immersed itself in the story of the Empire Windrush, seventy years after it's arrival.


Each year group learned about a different aspect of the Windrush story and legacy.  We published our work in four consecutive issues of the Brixton Bugle.

Marius in Year 6 writes: John Lyons, the poet and artist, returned to Hill Mead to run a two-day poetry workshop with pupils from Year 4 - 6. 

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Hill Mead News The Moon comes to Hill Mead
11 February 2019

The earth's only satellite is the Moon, and some of it came to Hill Mead in a loan from NASA.


By Monica, Year 5

We used microscopes and magnifying glasses to see the Moon close up, and it helped us to draw what it actually looked like.

I found out that the Moon had lots of holes made by meteorites hitting and bouncing off.

Every class got to see the Moon up close.

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Hill Mead News Hill Mead hosts Dutch teachers
11 February 2019

For three years running, Hill Mead has hosted a half-day tour for up to 30 Dutch Teachers.


This is part of the CLC pan-European project on computational thinking - called Co-think. The teachers toured our school, visiting every classroom and discussing learning with the teachers. 

During their tour they talked to the children about their learning, their work and experience at Hill Mead. As part of the visit, Year 4 and 5 children demonstrated their new skills in Scratch and Light Bot Hour. At the end of the tour, we had time for Q & A and the teachers quizzed us about the reasons behind our curriculum decisions, and our vision for the future. 

We received great feedback. They were particularly impressed with the children’s love of learning, how confidently they spoke, and their explanations about what they had learnt.


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